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Posted by SmartASSBaka - March 12th, 2012

Still planing on starting a project called S.J.
The idea is a mass collaboration to create a good quality anime (rivaling professional ones) without commercialization
Basic ideas:
1.Anyone can join and leave when he wants to (dedication is not essential), but it will be nice if you take this seriously;
2.Story line would be discussed so everyone can play an important roll, as well giving ideas (I'm thinking voting would be the best option for now);
3.If you are not an animator don't worry, there are other ways you can contribute and it's not gonna be with money.
4.I am aware it will take tons of time and I hope that other people are ready get involved in a long term project.
That's for now if you have any questions:yotovarna@gmail.com(I'll check it at least once a day)
or PM
Oh yeah and if someone can spread the word i would appreciate it. Thank you

Posted by SmartASSBaka - June 30th, 2011

Ok I know this sounds wierd but here's the facts:
I bought Dr. Pepper 2l. bottle (for the first time in my life), and now you can say I'm beeing forced to change my accomodation (the place I liveeee). So now i got this question - WTF Dr.Pepper you some kind a twisted psycho or somethin'. Anyway, probably won't buy it again cus it's not that great - something like cherry with 'sider' (that's a drink from my homecountry Bulgaria, that tastes like cheep cola from the past, but it is cheep to buy so it's ok).
*Coca-cola haven't paid me yet but I'm kinda sure they will :?(Trolololol) Hey and I want a check so i can post it on newgrounds!

Dr. Pepper wtf just happend?

Posted by SmartASSBaka - June 28th, 2011

I can't believe there's still some who don't know about robot day, so newgrounds get your sh** together! Here's link for all those lost souls http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/r obotday2011.html
10th of July !!!!!(almost lost myself 2 ;D)
About my stuff... well I plan to join with art and a short story, wish me luck.

Wake up people!

Posted by SmartASSBaka - June 22nd, 2011

Ok, ok here we start... Does this thing even work.... do I have to wait someone to join? Anyway I'll just leave a msg for the new generations:
Hear me out all of you NG authors (or read me out if you like that one better) I... doesn't matter who i am,
but I'm planning to make this world a better place to waste time (Hey, having fun isn't waste of time) and I promise that i will do all (or at least a bit) I can to help anyone (generaly for flashes and that kind of stuff).
So feel freeeee to PM > ME for all the things (skiping the crappy stuff) you could use some help: for voice acting (not rly good at female voice but i can give a try), drawing (kinda suck a bit), ammm ideas and all kind of multy rainbows (no gaynessss!!!{nothing against the gay people, just... u know})
K that's for now! P.S. u don't need to pay me, but i won't pay u either
If there's any grama f'ck ups sry i suck at english 2