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Project: Samurai Jew

2012-03-12 15:29:33 by SmartASSBaka

Still planing on starting a project called S.J.
The idea is a mass collaboration to create a good quality anime (rivaling professional ones) without commercialization
Basic ideas:
1.Anyone can join and leave when he wants to (dedication is not essential), but it will be nice if you take this seriously;
2.Story line would be discussed so everyone can play an important roll, as well giving ideas (I'm thinking voting would be the best option for now);
3.If you are not an animator don't worry, there are other ways you can contribute and it's not gonna be with money.
4.I am aware it will take tons of time and I hope that other people are ready get involved in a long term project.
That's for now if you have any'll check it at least once a day)
or PM
Oh yeah and if someone can spread the word i would appreciate it. Thank you


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2012-03-17 08:27:40

Right now I'm having my doubts, there's actually enough projects on the web and you can always start your own. Here's a good example open-collaborative production company - HITRECORD
So many options so many things to do...


2012-04-08 21:07:07

Planing to do a trailer! Hopefully by the end of May I should finish it.